The Concept

Excel High Efficient Fertilisers

With the experience gained through decades of successful and innovative fertiliser production, our technicians have produced one of the most innovative market-leading product ranges available today, by bringing together an assortment of key elements that all turf professionals recognise as delivering great turf!

Organic Base

The Excel Range uses HumberPalmers highly successful ‘unique’ odourless organic base of plant origin, being free from any weeds or pathogens, but high in Humates and organic carbon.

This, in combination with using high quality mineral nutrients, provides a remarkable ‘natural’ phased release and so increases the efficiency of plant food nutrient uptake.

Benefits of Seaweed

As part of the sustained continued development of Humber Palmer fertilisers we have recognised the wide ranging benefits provided through the inclusion of seaweed (now a standard inclusion in all Excel Advanced products) with the principle benefits including:

  • Enhanced root growth, root mass and turf establishment
  • Increased shoot density for better recovery and ground cover
  • Encouragement of grass shoots without causing excess lush growth
  • Aids young seed establishment by boosting early growth
  • Boosts beneficial soil microbes so improving root health

Helps maintain plant chlorophyll levels for optimum growth and health

Mineral Nutrients

All Excel Grades contain only urea and ammoniacal nitrogen sources thereby avoiding the rapid growth of lush low dry matter poor quality grass that is often associated with the use of nitrates as a nitrogen source and which can easily leach or lead to increased risk of diseases such as Fusarium Patch (Microdochium nivale).

Nutrient Release Pattern

Granular Compounds

All Excel grades are created from homogenised complete granular compounds (not blended) developed from using our Advanced Granular Technology, so each granule contains a proportion of the stated nutrients. This consistency eliminates ‘speckling’ and so ensures even colour and growth over the whole turf.

All products are manufactured at our UK factory which is one of the most modern plants of its kind in Europe. Being a division of the Origin Enterprises Group we combine large company stability, innovation and resources with local personal service from our team of nationwide advisors, on hand to assist with selection and recommendation.

Benefits of Humates

Along with the inclusion of Seaweed as a standard ingredient we additionally recognise the assortment of plant health benefits that are available to the grass plant through the inclusion of humates into all Excel Advanced products, specifically by:

  • Promoting photosynthesis
  • Increasing plant growth and cell division
  • Reducing effect of drought and floods
  • Increasing resistance to fungal diseases
  • Stimulating plant enzymes
  • Improving cell wall permeability
  • Stimulating bacterial activity
  • Enhancing root development
  • Enriching takeup of micro-nutrients
  • Enhancing soil structure and fertility
  • Better seed germination

Trace Elements

It is vital to maintain a good balance of both Major (macro) and Trace (micro) elements in the soil to ensure quality , healthy turf is established and maintained.

So in addition to the Major nutrients included in individual products (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium together with Magnesium and Iron in certain grades), all Excel grades contain a range of Trace Elements, including Zinc, Boron, Copper, Manganese, Molybdenum and Calcium for turf health and as a guard against any deficiencies.

Care of the Environment

Trials have confirmed that Excel Grades provide a much higher take up (utilisation) of N,P and K by grass when compared to standard, mineral based fertilisers, consequently reducing the risk of run off and leaching into water courses.

Remember also that no Nitrates are used in Excel grades further benefitting the environment.

Nutrient Release Chart